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About Skateboarding for beginners Hello, skaters!!!

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Here we are to provide all the proper information you need about skateboarding: from proper equipment to all the safety procedures, going through the latest products related to this exciting and thrilling activity.

Who are we?

We are a group of skateboarding lovers and practitioners of this sport or hobby (for some of us is a professional activity, but for others is a way to relax after a hard working day). We have been practicing skating, following all the activities done for years and athletes involved in the area that make us a group of experts and we try to be as objective as possible accepting opinions from different points of view, but always respectful, objective and non-discriminating.

So our main idea is to give you all respected, clear and objective opinions about skateboarding from our point of view: the amateurs and the experts in our group. Amateurs can provide you with the daily approach of products, places and events, while our experts can give you a more appropriate response to some technical issues like performing some tricks, how to keep a board in optimal conditions, or where to perform the ideal trick you have been practicing for months.

Additional to this, another of our goals is to provide all of you with a skateboarding information guide which includes everything from safety procedures to the latest events taking place in the field. This guide will be renewed from time to time as new events, products or athletes would come to the stage, all of this in order to keep you well inform about the fascinating world of skateboarding.

Plus, we can give you all the right information about products related to this sport with reviews from buyers about decks, trunks, wheels, helmets and all protective equipment including all the comments whether negative or positive about any of the future items to be revised. Any of this comments, as we have established before, are going to be clear and objective, with no intention of destroying any particular person, company or institution.

Our reviews aren’t going to be based exclusively in mere opinions, but they are going to be more focused in an unbiased point of view with objective arguments and avoiding all kind of discrimination, diminishing arguments or anger based. Maybe, our opinions will differ from yours, but you have a place here while you present your point of view in a reflexive and respectful way without offending or criticizing others opinions.

Well, dear skaters, here we are, ready to give the best and to keep you updated and well informed about all the wonderful things that are present in the fantastic and amazing world of skateboarding.

Don’t forget to visit us whenever you want (and can, of course). And please, if you like our page, recommend us to all your skater friends.

We want to be the place where all skateboarding lovers and performers would like to get together.

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