Best Cruiser Skateboards

Best Cruiser Skateboards For Beginners - Review & Buyers Guide

Cruiser Skateboards is one of the boards that has been attracting the attention of young people for several years. Even some adults have also dared to mount one of these boards. The Cruiser Skateboardong is an outdoor game, however, it is not as simple as it seems, but with practice, you can reach a very fast pace and enjoy a good time with it.

Something that many people do not know, is to choose or decide on best cruiser skateboards for beginners. Some of these can table can be expensive or not have all the desired characteristics. Next, we will give you a short guide to the best five cheapest skateboard cruisers, so you can save and make a great choice.

Good Cruiser Skateboards For Beginners 2019

Below are five of the best and starter cruiser skateboards on the market. All have their advantages and disadvantages, although one of them has no disadvantages, according to some skaters. But whatever you decide to buy, you can be guided by one of these models, look for it in your favorite store and save yourself some money on a quality skateboard.

Best Quest Cruiser Skateboard For Beginners

As a first option, we present the Quest skateboards. Not known only as cheap skateboards but as one of the best. These offer a variety of incredible features combined and in addition with unique style. Quest is the brand that meets the expectations of anyone who wants to start or continue experimenting in the world of Skateboarding.

These cruiser skateboards have pretty ecological designs, they are made with handmade bamboo that give it elegant and durable style. One of the favorite models is the Quest Super Cool Artisan Bamboo Longboard. A model with which you can feel as if you are going down the top of the world.


It is one of the cheapest skateboards.
It is of long durability.
It is well controlled against rough surfaces.
Trucks give good stability.


It does not allow turning in wide radios.
The bearings have to be replaced very soon.
It is heavy to perform tricks.
This skateboard will give you a comfortable and free feeling as you move around the city. In addition, it has good characteristics for the price it has. if you are looking for beginners cruiser skateboard give quest a chance and you will not be disappointed.

Best Skateboard Mini Cruiser (Skatro)

The Mini Cruiser Skatro is another of the best cruiser skateboards thanks to its warmth, durability and modern style. All this combines and also offers an excellent result at a fairly affordable price. These skateboards come in different colors and good designs with retro style. Its manufacture is very similar to that of the Penny Skateboards.

With this skateboard, you can walk without problems and comfortable. It is also quite light and easy to transport anywhere. This also allows you to perform some basic tricks of skateboarding. Another characteristic of these skateboards is that it includes a T-key that allows you to adjust the screws.


It has great maneuverability.
It is one of the cheapest Cruiser Skateboard.
You can perform some tricks.
It is lightweight and easy to take anywhere.
It offers stability for all types of users.


It can be uncomfortable for some users.
Does not support much weight.
May have an unpleasant odor when leaving the box.
The Skatro Mini Cruiser is a skateboard that is really worth buying. This skateboard is economical and has incredible performance.This skateboard is perfect for Commuting which has never been so easy – Take this board on bus, train and subway with ease. They use skatro flex technology to ensure optimal flex on every skate board. This is just perfect skateboard/longboard for beginners with very economical price.

Longboards Quest Rorshack Bamboo Cruiser

Another that adds to this list are the Longboards of the Quest brand. The model Rorshack Bamboo Cruiser has a reasonable price. In addition, it maintains the ecological design of handmade bamboo being more conservative than the other cruiser skateboards. This longboard offers a great displacement, comfortable and pleasant at an excellent price. It is simply about pleasing people to enjoy an adventure with a bit of adrenaline.

However, its price is very affordable, it can be taken anywhere, and the design is eco-friendly and gives the skateboard originality. This skateboard is undoubtedly another of the best.


Large trucks give great support to the skateboard.
Built with bamboo with ecological style.
Moves smoothly on any terrain.
It can be taken anywhere.


Too soft wheels.
Graphics are easily scratched.
May require modifications prior to walking.
In general, this long-board is one of the best Cruiser skateboards for beginners. The wheels are soft but guarantee a smooth and relaxing movement. In addition, thanks to its size it is ideal for slalom riding and cruising.

High Bounce Cruiser Skateboards

This cruiser skateboard is one of the best and most sold in recent years. These models are very similar to Penny skateboards, because they are very light, have a variety of colors and designs, but unlike Penny skateboards, these are cheaper. The platform of this skateboard of 22 "offers a great resistivity that allows you to balance and control the wheels without a problem.

They are made of resistant plastic, this is another feature that people confuse with Penny skateboards, but their inferiority of price is what reveals their true identity, however, their quality is considered as equal or better.


Easy to take anywhere.
Excellent durability and resistance.
It turns easier than traditional skateboards.
It is made of resistant plastic.
There are a variety of colors.


Not available in all skate shops.
This cruiser skateboard is one of the best. Almost no disadvantages, its price is very accessible, offers a variety of colors and great resistance for long commutes and really comfortable.

Penny Graphic Cruiser Skateboards

Penny is recognized as one of the best skateboard manufacturers for its elegance in its designs, and this model does not depart from this reality. In addition, this skateboard does not have to do much maintenance and provides a graphic that gives a unique style compared to other models of cruiser skateboards. However, it is not the cheapest of the cruiser skateboards and their colors may vary. This Penny cruiser skateboard is an option, although not the most recommended for beginners.

The fixings on the cruiser skate have developed a lot since people only cared about the wheels. The standards allow the wheels to rotate freely without affecting much by unnecessary friction. As long as you keep them without water, dust or poor conditions, you do not have to worry about replacing them. While it is true that many fans of cruising have an extra pair of these in the event that something unexpected happens.


Comes fully assembled.
Has a kicktail that offers better control of the skateboard.
It is very light thanks to its material: plastic.
It has large wheels for stability and comfort.


It is not the cheapest of the cruiser skateboards.
Its size can be uncomfortable for some opportunities.
This skateboard is a good option and it is also economical. It does not need much maintenance and is resistant and durable. With this skateboard, you can reach great speeds without losing control or stability.

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