Best Skateboard Brand Review

Best Skateboard Brand - Buyer Guide

Today in this brief review we will discuss some of the best skateboard brand.Good balance, good body control, and perseverance are key ingredients to be able to enjoy your skateboard. Although the aesthetics and design of your skateboard deck are important points to consider, it should be noted that there are other aspects much more important when buying a deck of this type. Determine the use that will be given to the skateboard deck is vital first of all.

Beginners in this activity can be carried away by the temptation of the drawings and colors of the table. Big mistake. In this guide, we want to focus on offering you general advice and recommendations about good skateboard brands when buying one of the cheap skateboards in the market.

Best Skateboard Brand

Before buying a skateboard, it is important that you know about the different manufacturers and the models they offer, so that you can know what options you have available, how good each one is and which one is suitable for your needs and your style.

For this, we have prepared a comparative list of the best manufacturers and creators of skateboards so you have a better idea of where you should start.

Sk8mafia Skateboard brand For Beginners 2018

Sk8mafia is an excellent brand that, although it does not enjoy as much recognition in the current market, offers high-quality skateboards at really cheap prices. His designs are quite varied and even have the endorsement of Wes Kremer, named as the skateboarder of the year by the magazine Thrasher in 2014. It is a company founded in the year 2000 by Peter Smolik.

One of its most economical models is the 8 "x 32" Peter Smolik House Stains. This is a fairly simple model, although in your favorite store you can sure find others.


Perforated Deck for quick assembly.
Serves anyone who wants to skate.
The skateboards are durable.


Only includes the deck.
Only few models with complete accessories.
Once assembled, cannot be exchanged or return.
This is not to consider as a skateboard because in this opportunity only the deck is offered. However, it has 7 layers of good stability and hardness that will allow you to perform tricks of different levels. If you want to buy or interested in sk8mafia skateboard, check out the link for complete set.

Krooked Skateboards

This company founded in 2002 by Mark Gonzales has a variety of striking designs of skateboards that attract anyone but especially the most alternative and modern, as they demonstrate the unique style of illustration of the house. His model Krooked Cromer Siren is one of the most attractive, however, this brand is characterized by having colorful and alternative models that can be adapted to any.


A simple model of 7 layers of wood.
Good resistance against high weights.
Perforated deck for quick assembly.


Only includes the deck.
Only few models with complete accessories.
Its price can be a little high.
The brand has several famous skaters under its patronages, such as Brad Cromer, Ronnie Sandoval, and Mike Anderson and, apart from this, they manufacture and sell the parts separately, so if you need to change your set of wheels or want to modify some other part of your skateboard, you can do it with the components of this house.

Habitat Skateboards

The company created by Joe Castrucci in 2000 is a survivor that has managed to cope with the fall of one of its sister companies and that remains stable in the market offering good quality skateboards at prices that can range from the most economical to more expensive. Their models are thematic and the Mark Suciu Imagine 8 is one of the most sought after. These models can be more useful in professional skateboarders, however, you can buy the one you want.


It has a variety of colors and designs.
Classic design for skating.
It is perforated to facilitate assembly.


Only includes the deck.
Sell all accessories seperately.
It does not come assembled.
They are an excellent option for both men and women who are looking for good prices and excellent quality. Apart from this, they manufacture and sell the parts separately, so if you need complete skateboard you have to assembled it yourself.

Antihero Skateboards

Founded in 1995 by Julien Stanger, Antihero has had an important step in the industry, always demonstrating that it is a company that is rooted in its image, related to tattoos, beers and the rough man who loves skateboarding and always doing the best tricks One of its models, the ANTIHERO STUDIO 18 ROUND 2 TRUJILLO also of 8.5 X 32.18 is a basic and economic model skateboard, ideal to start as a beginner skateboarder.


Natural wood style with a simple drawing.
Ready to assemble.
Very Economical Prices.


Does not include the bearing system.
You have to assembled it.
This brand does offer somewhat higher and less economic costs than its previous competitors but has collaborated with other companies that have created history and have also contributed greatly to the world of skates and their manufacture.

Birdhouse Skateboards

The company was started back in 1992 when skateboarding business was looking bleak. The owner of the company Tony Hawk started a skateboarding company at that time with original name of birdhouse projects. Some of the most famous names are included in their team list which featured Willy Santos, Steve Berra and Tony Hawk itself. Today they are one of the most respected name in the field of skateboarding. One of the most purchased models of this brand is the Complete Birdhouse Skateboard B Logo, which you may find or not in your stores. A very simple model that carries a simple style but adapts even to professionals.


Skateboards are ready to roll.
52 mm wheels.
ABEC 7 bearings.
Great design and quality.


Very high prices.
Birdhouse is an excellent example, since, in spite of being a little more expensive, it is really wanted and loved since 1992. The Birdhouse team is built on modern skateboarding with some of the featured skaters. Innovators and fan loving make this team one of the most liked in skateboarding.

Almost Skateboards

This is a board company that has appeared in many competitions due to its high quality and high demand from users. In addition, their skateboards offer a safe and pleasant experience that allows you to get the most out of each model according to the skater's style. Models like the Farewell Infinity Deck, Lewis Marnell offers style and simplicity to beginners and professionals.


30-day guarantee.
Cover with resin in each layer of wood.
Made with Canadian wood of high resistivity.


It only comes in one color.
Does not include trucks, wheels or bearings.
Almost was created by Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song in 2003, when it made its official debut in the market. Apart from all this, the boards of this company are made of wood of excellent quality, so you can be sure that they will last for many years of use.

Alien Workshop Skateboards

Alien workshop was started back in autumn of 1990 in Ohio. The headquarters is located outside of the Dyton. That is where they design skateboards, oversee their operations and ship your orders. They have very dedicated and hardworking staff to improve the brand legacy. This brand makes designs allusive to aliens and the Alien Workshop Sonic 8.25 Medium is one of the favorites for different skaters.


Perforated table for quick assembly.
It is standard size.
Variety of colors & designs
High Quality Wood


The board does not include the rest of the bearing system.
Their prices are quite good, although you can also get quite high models. The good thing is that they are durable, fast and of excellent quality thanks to their characteristics that make them unique. These skateboards can be found in super compact mini sizes onwards and the manufacturer also offers wheels, waxes and other accessories.

Toy Machine Skateboards

Toy Machine has been serving their loyal fan base plus building their brand name in the market from last 20 years. The company was started by ED Templeton and under the distribution of Tum Yeto. This brand is widely known for their high quality skateboard designs. The Skull Monster Skateboard Unisex is one of its most requested models, although many people differ in an exclusive model because this brand makes different alternative styles that can be adapted to any style.


Complete skateboard ready to roll.
Exclusive Toy Machine designs.
Great displacement and durability.


Expensive Skateboard Models
Besides, one of the advantages of Toy Machine models is that their wheels can be changed and adjusted to serve any type of skater, thus giving the company a more professional character. The company build some really high end and high quality skateboards.

John Williams