Best Skateboard For Adults 

Best Skateboard For Beginners Adults - Review

Here I am to give some recommendations about getting the best skateboard for beginners adults before you decide to begin in this amazing sport.

Besides all the recommendations that our parents use to say about security, you know protecting your head with a good helmet, as well as provide protection for your elbows and knees. Remember this is a very exciting sport, but if you don’t take it seriously, you can really hurt yourself a lot.

Best Skateboard For Beginners Adults

So security is already checked, there several things you have to consider before buying your first skateboard. I am going to mention a few of them, and don’t take these advices for granted.  And here they are:

  1. The most important part of your skateboard is the deck, since it gives your body support and also provides the balance and grip needed for a good ride. Using a plastic one from the very beginning will help you to learn about doing a smooth ride. But as you progress, your skateboards have to change to improve your performance.
  2. I will tell you that it is more important the width of the deck than its length, contrary to what many people believe. Depending on your shoe size and your height, you can choose decks from 7.5” to 8.5”. Of course, your personal likings will also affect the selection of the board you are going to ride. For example if you are 1.75 meters with a shoe size of 10” you should go with an 8.15” deck for best performance.

Let me give an example of a deck you can get to begin doing this activity.

Recently I tried SkateXS Beginner Street Skateboard. A very good board for brand new beginners which brings several specific features, which I am going to mention below:

  1. Several styles for the deck and you can choose from the Panda, Pirate, Starboard or the Unicorn design. I personally decided for the Pirate design, because I consider it more attractive to little boys and girls. We all love a good pirate story and it is a great thing that the first skateboard to ride fulfills with one of our beloved childhood fantasies of being a pirate.
  2. Apart from the design, this skateboard is designed with the best components in order to provide children a good beginning in this amazing sport.
  3. The high quality of the deck and the rest of the elements from the skateboard give boys and girls all they need to perform well from their very first attempts to the most advanced tricks and obstacles that they can meet all over the skate park.
  4. The size of the deck is designed to fit perfectly the shoe size of a very young skateboarding learner; in that way, kids can balance and maneuver the board easily making the learning process a safe one.
  5. With this board, girls and boys will be able to move forward in their skills and evolve in their performance with more confidence and quicker than with other boards.
  6. Plus, the deck is made of bamboo, so the board has very light weight, with longer durability and it also helps the environment. So, as you can see, it is a great choice for children to learn in a secure and faster way and also a friend of the planet.
  7. Not only the board is safer, planet friendly and funnier, it is also assembled by hand at the moment of your order and comes ready to skate out of the box.
  8. Besides, the board has been designed with all the characteristics and quality that you can find in any professional ones found in skate parks or in professional places like the X-Games.

So children in your house, or one of my little friends reading these lines, want to start skateboarding, and this product is a good choice to begin with. All the features that I just described are evidence that you are going to make a good choice for you or the little children at home.

But the selection doesn’t end here. After buying the board, you have to choose the style you want to go with. Choosing from skate parks or street skating will make a big different about training and performance. But whatever your choice is, the Skate XS Pirate Beginner Street Skateboard can fit in any of the environments you take it.

And remember, you are a beginner so protection is a must at this very starting point. Yes I know I sound like your old man, but it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

John Williams