Good Skateboards For Beginners

Top 5 Good Skateboards For Beginners - Review

If you are on this page, it means that you are interested in skateboarding but just starting out. Don’t worry in this brief review we will discuss some of the good skateboards for beginners. All of the products that are reviewed below are best of the best, now it’s totally depend on your style and experience level with skating. Every professional skateboarder started somewhere with different basic models to get experience on how to manage foot position and balance on skateboard.

Once you are done with practice & balance on skateboard phase then it’s  time to choose different skateboard for professional tricks and stunts. You can build your custom skateboard if you want. Let’s get started with reviewing some of the best skateboard options that are available in stores today.

Rimable Complete 22" Skateboard for Beginners

Rimable is one of the well know skateboarding brand. They have some amazing standard skateboards and longboards. The Rimable skateboards are perfect for both the beginners and pro skateboarders. If you are just starting out in this sport, then you can truly consider this brand for the stable and safe rides.

Rimable don’t have lot of models as other brands but still the model released by them are highly appreciated and loved by users. Their skateboards are durable and have high performing decks. This company is trusted by lot of pro skaters and succeeded in maintaining their high ratings 4.5/5 for performance durability and price.


Variety of Colors & Designs
Superior Quality Wheels & Decks
Solid Aluminum Trucks
Affordable Prices
Ideal for children and teenagers.


Plastic Material
Max Weight 70 Kg
These rimable skateboards are good choice for beginners but we would not suggest it to pro or adult skater’s weight more than 70kg. These boards are made of quality plastic material but broke in half sometime but for the price it’s very affordable for the starters to practice on. These boards comes with PU wheels for enjoying the smooth ride and trucks are rust free due to aluminum. If you are looking for cheap and good skateboard for practicing. We would highly suggest you to go with this skateboard.

Dongchuan Pro Skateboard Complete For Beginners 2018

Dongchuan skateboards are very famous for their high quality boards. They use high quality Canadian maple wood for building the deck. The grip tape on the boards are very good and provides very powerful and stable grip during practice or performing trips.

This skateboard comes with 4 anti-shock 85A PU smooth wheels that help you skate on rugged roads. They are using ABEC-7 high speed bearings that is mostly used in street skateboards. Also have heavy duty aluminum trucks for doing some stunts.


Very Reasonable Price.
High Quality Canadian Maple Wood Decks.
Anti-Shock 85A Smooth Wheels.
Heavy Duty Aluminum Trucks
Highly Durable


Low Quality Sticker Designs.
This skateboard is perfect choice and highly recommended for beginners or advance learners. It’s very easy to ride and to perform some stunts such as OL action or 360. The board is easy to carry. The price of this skateboard is very reasonable as compare to other boards with same quality and durability. The actual quality of the board, trucks, wheels and bearing is pretty solid. Overall it’s a good choice.

Penny Classic Complete Skateboard For Beginners

Penny skateboards are the only and original plastic boards. They started their operation in mid 1970s. Penny boards are very stylish and of finest quality. They are very famous for the sharp turn and are perfect way to get you around streets and skate parks.

These boards are small in size and is perfect for carry, even fit in your backpack. The size of board is 22 inches long and 6 inches wide. Penny skateboards have high performance branded truck with super soft bushings, smooth PU wheels with ABEC 7 stainless steel bearings. This board is perfect for kids and teenager due to its size and lots of the time adults don’t feel comfortable riding it.


High Quality Plastic Build.
ABEC 7 Stainless Steel Bearings.
Lifetime Warranty.
Light Weight.
Smooth 59mm 83A Wheels For Cruising.


Smaller In Size.
Expensive Prices.
No Sticker Or Designs.
It’s possibly one of the best penny skateboard for beginners. You can carry this skateboard with you anywhere due to its size. Due to high quality bearings and smooth wheels they are very stable in ride. The quality of the skateboard is very high as well the prices. Overall this board is well built and material used in these boards are of very good quality. If you want to gift skateboard to your kid or any loved one, go for it you will not regret. Please do consider the size of board before purchasing so you won’t have to buy another one soon.

Ohderii Complete Best Skateboard For Beginners

Ohderii boards are well known for their quality and prices. They manufactured lot of other electronics products. Their skateboards used high impact resistance ABS material. The boards are using high quality Canadian maple with high density anti-skidding waterproof emery paper.

Ohderii skateboards came pre-assembled and ready to rock as you open your package. One of the top reason for their loyal customer base and performance is heavy load bearings that support up to 300kg. The company provide one year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchasing. Moreover the company offer FREE T wrench and extra 4 wheels with the package.


High Quality & Durability.
Support 300 kg Weight.
Extras Included In Package.
Ultra-Low Riding Board.
One Year Warranty


Little over shaped.
No Stickers or Designs.
Trucks seems loosen over time.
If you are just starting out with skating we would suggest you go with this board. This skateboard have decent high load bearings and wheels that can support up to 300kg. If you are teenager or adult you can use this board without any worries. The company provide extras within the package that included T wrench, 4 extra wheels and a travel bag for skateboard. The quality of this skateboard is pretty solid which makes it excellent value for the money.

Tronka Maple Wood Good Skateboards For Beginners

Tronka skateboards are perfect for every skill level. The boards comes pre-assembled from the company and ready to ride right out of the box. The skateboard deck is made up of 8 layer Canadian maple wood which makes is strong and durable. Tronka skateboards uses carbon steel alloy ABEC-9 bearing  with smooth PU wheels.

Due to the high quality of deck, it holds the weight very well. The Board use rubbers wheels that makes it manageable to skate. Due to decent grip tape these boards provide extra safety to beginners when performing tricks and stunts.


High Quality Maple Wood Decks
Decent Grip Tape
High Quality Bearing & Wheels
Weight Support 180 Kg
Affordable Prices


Little Heavier.
This board is perfect choice for both beginners and pros as well as ideal for both teenagers and adults. Overall this skateboard gets 5/5 due to inexpensive prices and high quality boards. We recommend this board for everyone who wants to practice balance and ground tricks before buying a pro board.

All of the above products that are discussed in this review are best of the best and the skateboard you buy from the above list will make you happier than you think but the choice is totally depend on your level of experience and style. There are thousands of skateboards out their but our duty is to provide you unbiased review about best skateboards in cheap prices.

John Williams