Ride A Skateboard For The First Time

Ride A Skateboard For The First Time For Beginners

I heard you want to skateboard and you are looking for advice's on how to do it in a better way. Well, you are in the right place, today we will discuss some tips and recommendations to ride a skateboard for the first time, related to this fascinating sport or for some people, leisure activity.

One of the most important things to do is decide whether skateboarding is a sport or a hobby for you. It doesn’t mean that you are not taking seriously if it is a hobby, but the efforts when you choose it as a sport are bigger and the practice is more constant. So take a little time to decide if you want to be a professional skateboarder or is just to hang out with friends and have a good time.

Okay, once the decision is taken, there are several things that you should consider before starting practicing this activity. I will enumerate some of them that are important no matter what decision you have taken.

ride a skatebaord for the first time

Let’s read them :

If you are a beginner, don’t think that your security is for granted. I accept you see all those people in the skate park with no protection at all; but you have to notice that they are practitioners of this sport for years and you are just a learner. Be sure to have a good helmet, elbow and knee pads and good wrist guards, in this way you are giving yourself all the peace you need at the beginning of this thrilling sport.

Select the right board according to your height, size shoe and your personal preference. When you begin it is recommendable to go with thick and heavy deck; and as you move on to become an expert, you can change it to a thinner and concave one.

Before going to the park, practice to jump or balance on your skateboard over a soft surface like a carpet or grass. In case you fall, you are going to have a soft landing and you will appreciate it.

Choose the style you want to ride your board. You can choose from the regular position with your left food forward; the goofy stance with your right food instead of the left one ahead; and the mongo foot posture which consists to push the board with the back foot and not the front one. Personally, I use the mongo foot stance, I feel more comfortable with it; so choose the one that makes you feel better.

I also advise you to get the right rhythm while skateboarding. Start like if you are walking with the board and as you move on you increase the speed. I will practice the turns often until I can handle them properly. But, most of all, I will practice the right way to stop the skateboard in movement. One way of footbraking is taking the back foot off and grinding it onto the ground; there are other ways of breaking (heel drag, bail, boneless, and power slide), but the first one is the most common one. Once again, take the most comfortable method for you.

Practice every single day before you decide to go on tricks. Enjoy the process of learning how to drive your skateboard carefully, to turn right or left and to stop it. As time goes by, you will start practicing some tricks and get to a new level in skateboarding.

All these aspect I have to consider at the moment of practicing and beginning, but once at the skate park I have to take into account some other facts to skateboarding. Remember that this is not a lonesome activity, there will always be several people practicing at the place of your preference; so it is important not to be an obstacle to others in the park. Stay aside or find a place to sit far away from the other skaters and keep the place clean, don’t trash it with garbage or nasty graffiti. Be aware of others and always keep your head up.

Once you have observed all of these recommendations, you can start trying some simple tricks like the Ollie, the shifty, and walking with the board. They are very simple to do and require no obstacles or ramps to perform them. I will mention them soon in detail; meanwhile keep practicing before doing any trick with your skateboard.

And most important of all, remember to have fun. Be serious at the moment of practicing, but no too much to take the fun out of this exciting activity.

John Williams