Kryptonics Skateboard Review

Skateboarding is one of the best outdoor fun activities when you are in the park with friends or just practicing it as a sport.  If you are on this page, it means you are looking for some suggestions and opinions. We will discuss some pros and cons in this kryptonics skateboard review. We will also review some of the best kryptonics skateboards, which are available.


kryptonics History :

You have probably heard of the skateboard company name kryptonics. These guys have been in the business for the last 50 years. The skateboard wheels were first made out of wood, clay and iron. kryptonics was the first to introduce the polyurethane skateboard wheels, which in result changed the skating scenario as a whole.  kryptonics is one of the oldest skateboarding companies in the world. They started their operation in 1965. They first started producing plastic wheels and research in urethane and different wheel technologies. When they first introduced urethane quad wheel in the market, they changed the quad skating forever.

After 50 years of providing top quality wheels and pre-assembled skateboards to general public. Kryptonics has changed the whole skateboarding market by providing high quality affordable boards. They are under attack by skating community because of cheaper skateboard that are available in the local retail store. Skating community thinks that the quality of the skateboards is not same as before when they compared old kryptonics skateboards with new ones.  Some skater thinks that they are now owned by Walmart and they are producing low quality cheap products but the reality is not that. You won’t find any of their signature series wheels at any retailer but still you can order them from their website. They still produce some high quality wheels and products but for sure they are not going to give all of their best parts with 50$ Walmart skateboards.

Best Kryptonics Skateboard Review:

If you are beginner and need a premium but affordable skateboard, please read kryptonics skateboards review below. These boards are perfectly fine for the kids, beginner or intermediate user.

Kryptonics SpongeBob 36" Longboard Skateboard Review

Kryptonics SpongeBob is one of the popular skateboard models.  This is complete 36 inches longboard skateboard build with durable and thick 8ply maple wood. This skateboard is super wide for complete foot placement.  You will enjoy the smooth ride due to its high quality polyurethane wheels and carbon steel bearings.

Kryptonics SpongeBob is recommended for 8 years older and above. The weight support for this skateboard is round about 220 pounds. The round pin tail longboard design is built for enjoying effortless ride and smooth turns.

The trucks are made up of 4’’ polished aluminum with soft 88A urethane bushings. The 12mm angled pad provides support for higher weight and speeds.


Smooth Wheels on rough surface or sidewalks.
High Quality Ply Wood.
Aluminum Trucks with urethane bushings.


Stickers are not durable and worn out easily.
Low Quality Grip tape.
Kryptonics SpongeBob is high quality board but there are few things to keep in mind that the wheel comes very tight and you have to loosen them to perform certain tricks. Also if you are concerned about how it looks after few rides, the sticker will be worn out and the grip tape will not be that sticky other than that the board and wheel will work perfectly fine. This board is for beginner and intermediate skaters only.

Kryptonics Skateboard Review (Drop-In Series 31 Inch)

Kryptonics drop-in series boards are very affordable and beginner’s friendly. This 31 inch complete skateboard comes with thick 9 ply maple wood deck and round edges design. Kryptonics drop-in board provides greater control, allows the skater to perform wide range of tricks with excellent braking system due to its double kick tail design.

This skateboard comes with polyurethane-injected wheels (52mm x 33m) and carbon steel ABEC-3 bearing for smoother ride on any kind of surface.  The board is using heavy duty 5 inches aluminum trucks and polyurethane-injected bushings which provide support for faster speed.

Kryptonics drop-in series board is for beginners and for ages 8 and older. The total weight support for this board is 220lb.


Beginners friendly
Solid and sturdy
Aluminum trucks
Smooth wheels


Stickers are not durable and worn out easily.
Low quality grip tape.
Low quality maple wood
If you are ready to buy skateboard for your kids and thinking of affordable solution, then this board is perfect solution. The board is very beginner friendly and low cost. You shouldn’t expect very high quality due to its price but still it’s very durable and sturdy skateboard for beginners and kids. We wouldn’t recommend it for adults.

Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser Skateboard Review

Super fat cruiser is complete 30.5 inches skateboard. This skateboard is built with durable and thick 8-ply maple wood with super wide shape. The skateboard is designed with single kick tail and super wide cruiser deck which provides excellent control and braking system.

The super fat cruiser board wheels are made of poured polyurethane. The carbon steel ABEC bearing provides excellent smooth ride experience.  The skateboards are durable and sturdy using heavy duty aluminum trucks with soft 88A urethane bearings. The recommended age for these skateboard is 8 years and above and support up to 220lb of weight.


Durable maple wood deck
Polyurethane wheels
Super wide shape


Not for adults
Heavy for kick tricks
Low quality grip tape
This skateboard is for kids and beginners. If you are experienced skater, this is not for you and you will face some difficulty in using it. The material for the price is not bad but still it’s not very high quality or professional skateboard if you are thinking of buying one. You can buy them for your kids or grandkids and they will be completely happy.

Kryptonics Skateboard Review Summary :

Kryptonics skateboards are affordable and easy to use for beginners. The company started by producing some high level skateboard wheels and then after few years started with complete skateboard. The wheels they produced are of very high quality but the skateboard are not the same and is lacking a bit of quality in term of artwork, grip tape and wood material. Also some of the customer who bought it said that some of these boards need adjustment by loosen the truck so that you can easily perform tricks while riding smoothly. These skateboards are for kids and beginners.

John Williams